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January 1, 2022

The Important of External Security Scanning

Previously we covered the importance of an internal location scan before events or during shifts as a security officer.


Previously we covered the importance of an internal location scan before events or during shifts as a security officer. Another important aspect of a location scan, however, encompasses the entirety of the outside of your location. Although it may seem as though most threats will be internal, an outdoor scan can make all the difference, identifying suspicious items and people before they have a chance to become a true threat.

The most important part of an external security scan is to complete it every day, regardless of traffic flow to a location. The more often one is completed, the easier it will be to spot when things are out of place. External security scans also involve a little more guess work than internal ones. It can be hard to determine if people and objects are simply unusual or if they are a true threat, especially if your location is in a public location frequented by visitors and passersby. It is up to you to gauge threats based on the context of your surroundings.

Consider the amount of people who visit your location daily, the clothes they wear and the items they carry. What are other businesses and locations like nearby? Is it common to see vehicles or people on foot? Understanding the greater environment, you find yourself in will make identifying out of place people and things much easier.

Regular outdoor scans will also familiarize you with the tools and tech of your location. It gives you an opportunity to check any fences for flaws, make sure any cameras are still in working order, and ensure all locked locations are still inaccessible to the public. Don’t rely on the cameras themselves to be a replacement for your external scan, but rather use them as a control to compare any daily changes to keep an eye out for anything unusual.

It is important to remember that you can be observed when you’re outside. Internally, it may be harder to criminals to get a good idea of when you preform daily tasks and rounds, but if you stick to a rigid routine outside, it will not be hard for them to learn your patterns. For this reason, it could be valuable to shake up your routine and not preform your external scan at the same time every day. Rather, an initial check to start the day and one to end it can be punctuated by a random check whenever you find yourself free on a given day.

In the end, the type of scan you decide on depends on your own understanding of the location. What is required is based on many factors, however, learning the ins and outs of the environment around you will always be a smart decision. Remember to use tech and traditional outdoor security tools to your advantage to help you discover when something is out of place. Discovering a threat before it makes it indoors can make all the difference.

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