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June 26, 2021

The Importance of a Physical Location Scan

For most involved in security, the area you maintain will be familiar.


For most involved in security, the area you maintain will be familiar. Although some jobs require movement from one location to the next, many others take place in the same place every day. This sort of monotony can lead to a degree of comfort which can endanger others. Security professionals should never presume to know a place so well that they disregard the need for a physical location scan, both at the start and end of shifts. Just as it’s necessary to scan a new location for exits, potential threats, and unusual activity, it’s key that these same tasks be carried out every day even in familiar territory. Neglecting these won’t go unnoticed by those intending to do harm.

No Location Too Small

When it comes to physical scans, they must be thorough to be effective. This means a quick sweep of any space that a stranger could have access to. These spaces could be classrooms, offices, storage spaces, and even vehicles. When you’re doing your sweep, you should be looking for anything out of place or new that a camera could miss.

Never Too Familiar

If your job entails consistent protection of the same location every day, it may become tempting to think you’re the only one with deep knowledge of space. Maybe you  say things like “no one could get into there, only I know where the entrance is,” or “there are so many rooms, what are the odds someone chose this one to place something in.” But these kinds of thoughts are exactly what perpetrators are banking on. The more relaxed you feel in a space, the less likely it is that you’ll be able to stop them. Consistent physical sweeps discourage this type of behavior, keep the location safer, and provide you with peace of mind.

Sweep of New Locations

If your job requires you to protect a new location, physical sweeps are crucial, even when the location is one that has a positive history. It is impossible to predict the actions of others, and a sweep will not only provide you with important information about the layout of the location but give you an idea of what everything is supposed to look like so that you can better recognize when something is out of place.

Similarly, proper knowledge of vehicles is important to understand what it may look like when something has been tampered with. Checking inside and under cars, as well as making sure it is working properly can save a lot of trouble in the long run.

A location that is well maintained by several layers of security is much less likely to be targeted by attackers simply because of the level of intricacy involved. Your performance and consistent diligence on the job is perhaps the best line of defense for civilians, as it can prevent a dangerous situation from happening in the first place.

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