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December 29, 2020

Fatal Shooting: The Importance of the Security Hiring Procedure

Better hiring procedures can help vet security guards before they're hired.


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Security Guard Shooting: Situational Overview

July 2020, a shopper was fatally shot by a security guard, at a Gardena store in Los Angeles, for not wearing a mask.  The person was instantly stopped by the security guard and asked to leave. The altercation led to a physical argument, and sadly escalated to a deadly shooting. As a result of this fatal shooting, the security guard is now facing 50 years to life in prison. With the overall rising tensions across the country that have stemmed from the pandemic, it’s more important than ever to set up proper security guard hiring procedures and training, so incidents such as this one can be avoided.

Armed Security: A Lesson Learned

Unfortunate events, such as this shooting, allow us to look back and reflect how we can approach the situation differently, from the top down.

  1. Security guard companies need to have security measures in place when hiring unarmed and armed security guards. A background check is not enough; companies need to vet their security guard candidates through interviews, psychological evaluations, and security training courses. With a security course, the instructor can evaluate the candidate’s character and his decision-making skills under pressure. This will allow security companies to better assess if someone is a suitable candidate for hire.
  2. The client should receive a full report about the security guard’s background and training.
  3. The client should interview the security guard as well, to make sure it’s a good fit. Roles, responsibilities, and expectations should all be made clear in this interview.
  4. De-escalation is a particularly important aspect of security training. It is not enough just to learn theory. Training should include tactical simulations, to teach the security guard how to apply the de-escalation techniques.
  5. Many security guards are not trained in the rules of engagement. Rules of engagement is not required, but a necessary part of security guard training and should be taught in tactical scenarios, case studies, and simulations. The security guard should have repeat courses on rules of engagement in order to keep the information fresh and to be up to date with laws and regulations.

Importance of Security Guard Training and Hiring Procedures

Being a security guard is a profession, which is unfortunately is not taken seriously. The stigma comes from a variety of factors: low wages, bad benefits, easy licensing, easy work.  This discourages candidates and professionals with more extensive professional experience from pursing security positions. This doesn’t mean that there’s a lack of quality candidates available. If security companies are creative with their hiring process and candidate vetting, we can churn out better guards, with better training, who will know how to deter a situation like this from escalating to a fatality.

Watch the video below, for full details of the event.

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