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October 31, 2022

Securing Your Home While You’re Gone

When you’re heading out on a trip, the last thing you want it to spend your time worrying about things back home.


When you’re heading out on a trip, the last thing you want it to spend your time worrying about things back home. Creating a plan to keep your house safe while you’re away is just as important as packing for a vacation. We’ve gathered some tips to help you create a system to protect your assets while you’re gone so that you can have a carefree vacation or a successful business trip without any added stress.

Stick to Your Routine

One of the best ways to ensure your house isn’t targeted while you are away is to make it look like you haven’t left at all, or to at least give the impression that someone is indeed paying attention. This means using lighting to your advantage and keeping with the normal routines of the neighborhood, like mail pickup and garbage day. Timers or smart lighting can be really helpful here, as you can either set lights both in and outside of your home to turn on and off at certain times or control it right from your smartphone. A house suddenly being dark 24/7 is a huge clue-in to criminals that there is no one home and can make you a target instantly. Motion sensored flood lights are another great option to ensure a light can come on whenever needed without using up too much energy.

As for neighborhood routines, one of the easiest methods is to recruit a neighbor, family member or friend to continue bringing garbage cans in and out, checking the mail and doing any other routine maintenance like watering plants. Not only does this help with appearance as mentioned above, but these people can keep an eye out for anything out of the ordinary.

It may benefit you to pause or redirect any potential large mail or package deliveries until you return unless you are certain someone can pick them up for you. Packages sitting out on a porch are never safe even when you’re home.

Beef Up Security

Alarm systems and other security measures should already be a part of any home security set up, but they really get put to good use when you’re away. If no one is going inside the house, arm your alarm system before you leave and keep it set until you return. If someone is checking up on the house and planning to go inside, share the alarm pin only with them, and never leave keys under any mats or in other readily available locations. Instead, share a copy with your caretaker and have them give it back to you when they return.

Some local police departments offer patrol services to houses when their owners are gone. Consider looking into this to have an officer drive past your house at designated times. This way, should something go wrong, law enforcement is immediately aware.

Keeping your home safe while you’re gone is actually fairly easy if you are careful to only share the details with those who need it and invest in proper security. Consider following these tips to help give you peace of mind on your next trip, and think of other ways that your home may need to be protected.

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