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How would a security incident impact your business or organization? 
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Reality is changing, crime has become more prevalent and comes in all shapes and sizes, from a robbery to an angry customer, to a loitering homeless person. Businesses and organizations are easy targets. Imagine how a security incident will affect your business, employees, clients, and finances.

How can ITAC help? We work with businesses and organizations to improve on-premises security.  This can encompass a variety of improvements to your security systems and physical security, along with new solutions such as employee training, self-defense training, de-escalation, simulation drills, and more.

Our Risk Assessment is a hands-on service that provides you with a full picture of your security health. We review your existing security situation, understand your security threats, and provide you with a full analysis, set of solutions, and implementation strategy.  Our solutions are creative, accessible, easy to implement, and are considerate of your concerns and needs.  Our goal is to empower your business, employees, and clients by offering a safer, more secure environment for you to focus on what you do best.

What We Offer

Security Assessments
Employee Training
Security Systems
Red Team
Security Simulations

Who We Protect

Private Property

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Physical Security

To ensure your physical security, we provide specialty security officer services, unarmed and armed, across different industries and fields. Our security is tailor-made to your needs, with the main priority to protect your assets, business operations, employees, and events.