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Private Group Training Courses

Learn how to protect yourself and others while building confidence in your ability to defend yourself.

& Self-Defense
We take pride in providing high-quality training to our clients – responsible individuals, corporate teams, and organizations. Our courses will give you the set of skills that you need to protect yourself and others against modern day, real-life threats. Our hands-on training will help build your confidence and empower you with newfound knowledge and strength to live a safer, more secure life. We accommodate all skill levels and believe your success is our success.


Flagship Course
Krav Maga


ITAC’s Flagship Course is built to teach responsible individuals, corporate teams, and organizations how to deal with the growing threats we face in our everyday lives. Our unique course provides you with a set skills and effective tools that will change your life – security awareness, confidence, and empowerment – so you can recognize and respond to threats and suspicious activity quickly, protect yourself, and save lives.
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Learn how to better protect yourself from everyday threats with our specialized training. Our Firearms training (pistol and/or rifle) accommodate all levels and will teach you how to use your firearm responsibly during the time of an incident. courses of all levels. Become specialized and learn tactical maneuvers that can save your life.
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We offer different Krav Maga seminars to individuals, corporate teams, organizations, and groups. We work with you to understand your current threats and needs and build a self-defense course that will meet your concerns. You will learn how to use your body as a weapon along with simple techniques that will save your life.
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Benefits of Our Courses

Learn Self-Defense

Build Confidence

Feel Safe & Secure

Protect Yourself

Change Your Mindset

Gain Tactical Skills


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