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Private Group Training

Krav Maga 

Learn self-defense tools that will give you confidence and skills to protect yourself
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Course Overview
Krav Maga focuses on surviving in close combat, real-life situations. We at ITAC understand the threats that exist in our day-to-day activities. ITAC’s Krav Maga seminars teach you the techniques and give you the tools to protect yourself, and others quickly and effectively, without the use of any weapon. 

We incorporate in our training real-life scenarios that will give you greater understanding how to recognize real-life threats, you can be better prepared to protect yourself. Our seminars are perfect for employee training, organizations, and private groups.

Seminars We Offer

We provide a variety of seminars that will teach you self-defense tactics tailor-made to your needs. 
These seminars can be provide at the location of your choice.
+ 4 Hours

Intro to
Krav Maga

This seminar is a starting point to learning how to defend yourself.
You’ll learn
    1. 1. Ground Defense
    1. 2. Punches & Elbows
    1. 3. Kicks & Knees
    1. 4. Defense Techniques
    1. 5. Aggressive Drills
+ 3 Hours

Self Defense

Realistic training that teaches you how to defend yourself quickly and effectively from an attacker.
You’ll learn
  1. 1. Ground Defense
  2. 2. Striking Combos
  3. 3. Chokes & Bear Hugs
  4. 4. Hand & Hair Grabbing
  5. 5. Scenario Training
+ 5 Hours


Learn effective techniques how to disarm an armed attacker
You’ll learn
  1. 1. Defense Techniques
  2. 2. Knife Disarming
  3. 3. Gun Disarming
  4. 4. Baton Disarming
  5. 5. Aggressive Drills
+ Time Varies

Employee Training

Train your employees according to your business needs. We teach important self-defense tools that you can incorporate in your work environment.
You’ll learn
  1. 1. Strikes
  2. 2. Defense Techniques
  3. 3. Security Awareness
  4. 4. Verbal Communication
  5. 5. Controlling a Suspect

How to get started

Contact us
Gather your group
We train groups of all sizes. We do require a minimum of 5 participants.
Schedule dates
Sign a medical waiver
This is required for every participant before we get started
Dress code
Comfortable clothing and closed sport shoes
Training gear
We provide all the protection gear.
Get trained!
You are a 

Private Group...

...a community, religious organization, or business looking to better, real life self-defense tools to protect you against growing crime and security threats.

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