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May 2, 2022

Is Lighting Part of Your Security System?

Since the advent of electricity, there has been no doubt of the usefulness of light in a security system.


Since the advent of electricity, there has been no doubt of the usefulness of light in a security system. From flashlights to floodlights, the applications are endless. That being said, what does lighting look like in your modern security system, and how do you decide from the hundreds of choices available on the market? We’ve helped break down why light is so important to any security set up, and which ones work best in different situations.

Why is Lighting So Useful?

Simply put, lighting is not only an excellent deterrence tool, but a necessary requirement for spotting crimes in progress. Automatic lighting not only helps the naked eye identify threats but can make it easier for law enforcement to identify perpetrators on CCTV.

In addition to exposing criminals, strategically placed lighting can actually obscure guards and entrances, making it difficult for perpetrators to locate them.

What Kind of Security Lighting Should I Use?

Different kinds of lighting have a place in different situations. Some locations may rely on motion sensor floodlights to illuminate locations based on movement. While these are certainly an energy saving option, they have some weaknesses. If a person is able to move around outside of the rang of the lights, they will not be illuminated. However, lights that are constantly illumined can have the same effect of perpetrator they do on guards, occasionally obscuring them from view. The correct light depends on the location of what is being guarded, frequency of movement in that area, and preference.

Lighting roadways with standard road lamps is generally encouraged for both the safety of vehicles and for deterrence. Even keeping lights on within a building overnight can be a great way to deter anyone from entering the building.

It is up to you whether you want to illuminate checkpoints along your guards’ routes, or simply keep lighting focused on the main building. The space you are protecting will have a lot to do with your decision.

When it comes to deciding on the lighting you want for your business or organization, only you know what’s best. Consulting with other similar locations can help give you an idea for a unique set up meant to illuminate the areas that need it most on your site.

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