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August 27, 2022

Improving Security for Your Organization

When you create a company, you dedicate hours of time and effort into making it perfect.


When you create a company, you dedicate hours of time and effort into making it perfect. But if you don’t invest in the proper security measures, all of that can come crashing down in an instant. In order to care for the organization that you worked so hard to build, it’s important that you improve security in every way possible. We’ve gathered a few of our favorite ways to help clients create a safer physical and cultural setting at work. Consider implementing these, or reaching out to ITAC to learn more about what we can do to help.

Creating a security culture

One of the simplest things you can do to improve security within your organization is to cultivate a culture that encourages said security. What does this look like? It means making sure that every member of your company feels included and empowered by the safety standards you set. Everyone should understand what security at your organization looks like and how to go about reporting incidents and more.

Ensure that your employees don’t feel far removed from your security team, but instead feel that they are a vital part of it. Although their job might not entail things like patrols, employees have an intimate view and understanding of their company which makes their perspective important when it comes to spotting and reporting possible threats.

Assign Staff

A great way to keep employees informed is to designate a specific employee to be responsible for basic security protocols. This is not a trained security officer, but rather a regular citizen who invest some of their time in booking or creating ongoing security training for employees, running tactical drills like fire or active shooter scenarios, performing scheduled briefs and more. Having someone on their level to report to can not only simplify the safety process, but make employees take it more seriously.

Hire Trained Professionals

If you feel that your company or building is big enough to warrant it, consider hiring train security officers to perform patrols or keep a certain post. This person can be someone who you’re assigned staff member can report suspicious activity to, who can then perform investigations or decide the next best course of action. Trained professionals can also play a valuable role during tactical drills, as they have been trained to understand the worst-case scenario and plan for it. By working together with your assigned staff member, you can ensure that every part of your company, both physical and cultural, are being monitored for safety threats.

If you decide to follow any of these tips, or are interested in learning other ways that you can help protect your company, ITAC has something for you. Reach out to us to learn more about security tech assessments, training for civilians, professionals and more.

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