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January 31, 2022

Drones: A Modern Technology Security Tool

Modern technology is advancing at the speed of light, but that means that criminals have more access to tools that can infiltrate your business or organization easier than ever before.


Modern technology is advancing at the speed of light, but that means that criminals have more access to tools that can infiltrate your business or organization easier than ever before. To combat this, it is important for security teams to evolve with the times. Some of the greatest tools at a security officer is disposal are drones. These little robots can act as eyes where security cameras can’t reach, as well as useful tools for transporting items and tracking perpetrators. They’re extremely adaptable, so let’s look at how they can work for you.

Instant Eyes

One of the most frustrating parts of being a security officer can be your inability to chase down perpetrators, especially if you must focus on protecting your current location. Drones help ease this problem thanks to their near instant deployment speed and ability to fly over difficult terrain and cityscapes. Cameras on drones cannot only send live feeds, but also record footage to be used by law enforcement when necessary.

Understanding Your Surroundings

Some security jobs are as simple as guarding singular buildings, but others may require surveillance on acres of land where vulnerable locations may not be visible on foot. Drones are known for their mapping capabilities, meaning that they can help Security officers understand their locations better than ever before. Aerial views can allow you to see areas of fence lines that could be damaged, low spots in land or around buildings that serve as blind spots, and any other possible security risk. With a drone’s highly accurate mapping, there won’t be anywhere for criminals to hide.

A Permanent Presence

It's well known that one of the best deterrents for would be criminals is simply the presence of a security team and/or security systems. However, not every location can be patrolled 24/7, in the presence of cameras and signs might not be enough to stop a persistent offender. Drones helped to close this gap thanks to cutting edge AI technology. Some drones are now advanced enough to be programmed to turn on and survey designated areas at specific times of the day. The physical movement of these drones, along with their active recording capabilities can be a great way to dissuade anyone from entering private property or committing any other criminal acts.

These are just a few of the ways drones can be implemented by security teams today, and their capabilities will no doubt continue to improve in future years. However, it is important to remember that any security team interested in operating drones needs to investigate acquiring the appropriate permits and licensing according to their state’s laws. It's also important to consult with other people or organizations within the proximity that your drones might be traveling in order to minimize any privacy concerns they might have.

The security sphere has always been on the cutting edge of technology implementation, and this is just another example of that. Drones are a powerful, if controversial, tool that can be useful in any security team’s arsenal

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