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Security Officer Training

Master Course

Learn how to react to different high-stress threats, while saving lives.
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Course Overview
ITAC’s Master Course (SOT-M) is designed to teach security officers how to react in high-stress situations when countering various threats. This course was created for security officers who work in higher risk locations that are more prone to external threats, such as banks, maritime, etc. These officers need additional security knowledge, tactical skills, and combat principles to help them navigate high stress, complicated scenarios that may occur on the job. 

This course is a combination of tactical communication, de-escalation, and Krav Maga, which will teach you how to deal with suspicious behavior, control a suspect, disarm a perpetrator, and more. In addition to your training, you will receive an exposed gun permit with this course. We recommend you complete the Certificate Course prior to joining the Master Course, however it’s not required.

What You’ll Learn

The SOT-M course will provide you with the necessary training needed to work in high-risk security roles, while training you with practical skills that will prepare you for real-life scenarios. The following course topics will provide you with the tools you need to be successful:
Tactical Scenarios
Scanning Methods
Security Search
Incident De-escalation
Controlling a Suspect
Combat Principals
Weapons Disarming
Tactical Shooting
Instinctive Shooting
Firearm Manipulation
Moving Between Crowds
Case studies
Exposed Gun Permit
Advanced handgun combat course*
Defense tactics (controlling a suspect)
Weapon disarming
Tactical communication & de-escalation
Security check (person, baggage, car)
First aid + CPR
Total Hours
*Advanced handgun includes pointing shooting, multiple targets, open line of fire, moving between crowds, covers, working in pairs, surprise drills, and combat scenarios.

Security Officers

This course is great if you’re breaking into the security industry and want to learn, be challenged, earn more, and be certified.

Security Companies

If you’re looking to provide additional professional training for your security guards while helping to prevent any liability issues, our courses are perfect for your team.


If you have inhouse guards and proprietary security, we provide your security staff with professional training that prevents liability issues. Training can be tailor-made, upon request, according to your company’s needs.

Course Certifications

This course offers the following certifications:
Exposed Gun Permit
CPR & First Aid Certificate

Course Requirements

To be eligible for this course you need to fulfill all the following requirements:
You must be a US Citizen or Permanent Resident.
You must be 21 or older.
Provide a security check...
...prior to registration, showing that you’re free any felonies and misdemeanors.
No prior serious medical issues.
You must have a valid BSIS Security Guard License
* ITAC has the right to refuse service and course admission to anyone for any reason.

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