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About ITAC

Founded by ex-Israeli Special Forces Officer, ITAC provides specialty security services and tactical training.  We offer physical security, executive protection, consulting, and training to customers across industries and fields, ranging from businesses, organizations, communities, and private parties.

ITAC prides itself in providing high-quality, comprehensive security services to our customers. Our team brings military and security experience from both overseas and the United States. We have the privilege of incorporating our experience and knowledge working in high-risk territories and environments into our security methods and training.

Our Mission

ITAC’s mission is to protect lives and teach you how to defend yourself when violence occurs. With our high standards and expertise, we seek to improve our customer’s safety and protection. We want to elevate our clients’ standard of living by providing top tier security and helping them apply effective tools, security awareness, tactical knowledge, and confidence into their everyday lives.


Our Leadership
Our Mission

Stay Safe


Businesses and organizations, to say the least are at constant risk of external threats. The days of feeling safe and secure in your own environment have significantly decreased as violent crimes, active shooter incidents, and terrorism become more common.

ITAC’s mission is to bring back the feeling of safety and security that we once had. Through our high-end, professional security services and training, you will be able to make your day-to-day life safer with ITAC by your side and the knowledge that you have the tools to protect yourself in any situation.

Have Confidence
Feel Safe
Be Secure

Our Core Values


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